High-Security Door Lock Types

high security lock
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Nowadays, with all the information that is available online about how to pick and drill locks, more and more people are interested in a better, more secure locks for their home or business.

Therefore high security locks are becoming more and more common for both residential and commercial use.

High security locks are locks that are harder to pick and/or drill. In addition, they also offer a restricted keyway of the keys, which makes it harder to duplicate.

Pros and cons of high-security door locks, what they offer, how to choose the right lock and more.

Which high-security lock is the right one for me?

To answer that question you will have first to decide how much money are you willing to invest and your needs.

There many different types of high security locks, for residential and commercial use and they vary in price.

Here are some general things to consider:

First, understand if you only interested in better locks, more durable, more secure or you also need to allow access for many people at a different time of day. While most residential customers will be satisfied with basic locks, business owners probably will have different needs.
In addition, decide if you want to purchase the locks yourself, or buy it from a professional locksmith who would also install the locks.
We would recommend for most customers to buy the locks from a locksmith, who would also do the installation as these locks are more complicated to install.
Moreover, remember that high security locks have a unique keyway. In other words, you will not be able to make copies in a hardware store.
Therefore, it would be wise to have some extra copies while you purchase the locks.