Smart Locks

Smart Locks

Mechanical products are a thing of the past. The era of automation and Internet technologies is coming, both in industrial and domestic spheres. Modernization and innovation of electronic assistants is moving forward by leaps and bounds. One of the latest inventions to improve home security is the unique “smart” lock.

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Smart Lock – Its Role and Features

A “smart” lock is a device for locking doors using a special key fob or an application on a smartphone. It is equipped with a Bluetooth data transfer device and runs on multiple AA batteries.

Only the owner of a smartphone (a special application identifies the lock and creates a virtual key) or a key fob can open the locked door. If a person has forgotten the lock release device at home or has completely lost it, then the lock can only be opened with a special mechanical key.

“Smart” lock is very simple and easy to use. You can mount it in absolutely any door leaf. After completing the installation of the lock, install a special application on the smartphone. The device is identified by communication via a Bluetooth headset.

Each lock is assigned an individual identifier (virtual key). This allows you to protect against data hacking. The lock is equipped with protection against master keys, mechanical breaking and increased surface loads. The protection device is a special sensor.

The mobile application for smart locks serves not only to identify the device – additional functions are the creation, deletion, blocking and unlocking of keys. The keys can be scheduled to unlock and lock the doors, and it is also possible to send the key to other family members. When the door is opened by another family member, the administrator (or owner of the master key) will receive a notification on the phone. The only drawback of the smart lock is that the software only works on the iOS system. An Android app is under development.

Most Popular Manufactures of Smart Locks

The most popular smart lock manufacturer is KwiksetKevo Corporation. This company has been manufacturing locks of any complexity for over 50 years. The innovative brainchild of KwiksetKevo Corporation is a smart lock that is not overloaded with functionality. The outer part of the lock is a standard rounded door handle. The inside of a large modular gadget. It contains all the microcircuits, printed circuit boards, power supply and a rotating latch for mechanical door locking. To communicate with the device, only the wireless bluetooth headset module version 4.0 is used. This is done to minimize the consumption of electrical energy. The power supply lasts for 10-12 months. KwiksetKevo’s smart locks open in just a fraction of a second.

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In second place in terms of fame is the company “YaleReal Living Key Free Deadbolt“. The main feature of the company is the presence of an electronic digital panel on the lock. Each device can be unlocked with twenty possible combinations, each of which includes from 4 to 8 characters.

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The third company on the list is Goji. The insides are built in like in a conventional mechanical lock. The external module is a round display framed in steel. The screen displays information on the state of the locking mechanism, time, date and a greeting to the owner of the smartphone. With the help of a mobile application, you can distribute keys and set the time of the active state. Goji releases software for Android and iOS. Goji also produces Sky lock padlocks.

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Goji products are excellent for cyclists. The Sky Lock works in two modes – automatic and manual. Automation of the block / unlock process occurs through bluetooth. If the owner is within the radius of the device, the lock opens. When you leave the coverage area, the automatic locking of the lock is triggered. The device is equipped with an anti-theft system and a wi-fi module. If another person touches the object or the castle, the owner will immediately receive a notification on his mobile phone.

How Smart Lock Works

Communication between the smartlock and the mobile device is carried out using a bluetooth headset or a wi-fi module. The range of the device is only a few meters. Unlocking or locking the doors takes less than a second. Supports automatic and manual control modes. A system has been added to send a notification to the owner when unlocking, blocking and trying to pick the lock.

  • creating an account;
  • deleting a specific key entry;
  • distribution of keys; remote control of the lock;
  • access settings;
  • limiting the validity of a virtual key for specific people

Communication between the smartlock and the mobile device is carried out using a bluetooth headset or a wi-fi module. The range of the device is only a few meters. Unlocking or locking the doors takes less than a second. Supports automatic and manual control modes. A system has been added to send a notification to the owner when unlocking, blocking and trying to pick the lock.

Communication between the smartlock and the mobile device is carried out using a bluetooth headset or a wi-fi module. The range of the device is only a few meters. Unlocking or locking the doors takes less than a second. Supports automatic and manual control modes. A system has been added to send a notification to the owner when unlocking, blocking and trying to pick the lock.

The lock database stores information and time about all manipulations with the device. Voice control and fingerprint unlock are supported. The smart lock can be installed in the home automation system. Smartlock is equipped with a door knock recognition system (a message will be instantly sent to the owner’s smartphone).

How to Choose a Smart Lock

To choose an electronic lock, you need to decide what exactly it will serve for (front door, office, safe, etc.). The next step is to select the manufacturer of the electronic device. The necessary functionality and design of the smartlock is selected. You can learn more about each smart lock model on the official website of the manufacturer. If you have any questions, all the necessary information can be obtained online from the consultants of the company.

In the era of gadgets and electronic devices, mechanical equipment takes a back seat. And door locks are no exception. Traditional mechanics are being replaced by smart locks that are controlled by mobile devices. It is no longer fashionable to walk around with a bunch of keys in your pocket, and virtual locking devices help solve this problem.

Smartlocks are simple and reliable in operation, and will not cause any inconvenience during installation. You can embed them in any door panel. A smart lock will help you secure your home as much as possible.

If you still in doubt which smart lock suites your need the most ask your Locksmith Specialist

Benefits of Professional Door Installation and Repair

Benefits of Professional Door Installation and Repair

Commercials Door

Whether you like it or not, your commercial front door makes a statement to the world.
Doors undergo a lot of wear and tear throughout their life, and many businesses have older doors that see a lot of foot traffic. If your business falls under this description, you should consider inquiring about our scheduled maintenance options.

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Interior Doors / Exterior Doors

What are the benefits of professional door installation and repair? The truth is that poorly executed door installation can cause the doors to not be sealed correctly, which can cause air infiltration. If, for example, there is a gap between the ground and an exterior door, air can escape or enter your home.

Over time, this can lead to thousands of dollars in energy bills, all wasted on one unprofessional installation.

To avoid this issue, and many others like it, call A-LocksmithBC today!

We offer interior door installation, door lock installation, door hinges installation, exterior door installation, glass door installation, and exterior door frame installation. Our technicians can do it all!

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Difference Between Insured, Licensed and Bonded Locksmiths

Difference Between Insured, Licensed and Bonded Locksmiths

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Imagine that you live alone and you reach home after a tiring day to realize that you are locked out of your own home. You have an urgent meeting next morning and you start to panic. The instant solutions that you can think of is going to your neighbors and ask for a locksmith’s contact information. 

You narrate the whole scenario to the dispatcher and mention that you are in hurry. The dispatcher asks you to wait for 20 – 25 minutes. You finally get a sigh of relief and within 20 minutes a car arrives at your home. You see a man coming out with lot of tools. You are excited and do not bother to make any queries before showing the main locked door of your home. The man sorts out the matter within few minutes, but your main entrance door gets damaged and then he hands over a huge bill with an amount far higher than you expected. You are irritated and shocked but you don’t have any option but to pay the locksmith.

You wake up next morning and think that if you had contacted a registered, licensed and professional locksmith, you might have not ended up paying so much money because Insured locksmith is protected against any damages that may occur during the course of the job.This can happen to anyone, so you must always hire an insured, licensed and bonded locksmith to avail the reliable services any time of the day and at a genuine price. Well, let us first try and understand what an insured, licensed and bonded locksmith is:

An insured locksmith is the one who has procured liability insurance which not only protects him but also his clients against any sort of accidental damage to the life or property. So you must always ensure that your locksmith company is insured before hiring their services. 

A locksmith who has filed the obligatory paperwork with state or federal government agencies to obtain a license to work as a bonded locksmith is known as a licensed locksmith. So, whenever you seek a locksmith, ask for his license number to verify his credentials. 

Bonding is a process that is quite similar to insurance and after paying a certain amount of money to a bonding company, a locksmith becomes a bonded locksmith. It is a sort of added protection to the client as the bonding company becomes responsible to pay for any damage that occurs due to an accident.

So, whenever you ask for locksmith services, always ensure that they only give insured, licenses and professional locksmiths.

Why is it important to sharpen knives?

Why is it important to sharpen knives?

Sharpening knives is essential.
Knives which are continually used on commercial premises must always be kept sharp – a blunt or dull knife is dangerous because it requires more pressure and is more likely to slip and cause an injury. This is the single most important reason to keep all knives sharp.

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2 Strong Reasons To Hire An Automotive Locksmith

2 Strong Reasons To Hire An Automotive Locksmith

You will need a  local mobile Emergency Lockout sooner than you think. Why? Because we all are getting more and more careless these days and locking ourselves out of our cars, homes and offices very frequently.

If you haven’t already added the number of a reputed locksmith in your cell phone yet, it is obvious you don’t know just how beneficial their services are going to be for you. Did you know that there has been an increase in the number of individuals getting locked in their cars, homes and business premises off late?
A bit of Statistics. According to some independent studies close to 43% of car owners get locked in their cars and an astounding 56% people get locked out of their homes. Well, these are just numbers you’ll say and they don’t actually reflect the seriousness of the problems faced by most people. Are you willing to take a chance?
Following are  few reasons to hire an automobile locksmith right away:

Shorter Response Times. If you have ever been locked outside of your car, you know how much of an inconvenience it can be. It is time to hire a  local mobile locksmith because we can and will help you get back on the road really fast.  We are 100% professionals and know exactly what we are doing . We will come to the spot where you have called  and get to work immediately.

24/7 Availability.  This is a no brainer really because everyone knows how easily reachable and readily available the professionals A-LocksmithBC. We can be easily contacted via phone, WhatsApp or Facebook.  And of course we are available round the clock just to make your life easier.

High-Security Door Locks

High-Security Door Lock Types

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Nowadays, with all the information that is available online about how to pick and drill locks, more and more people are interested in a better, more secure locks for their home or business.

Therefore high security locks are becoming more and more common for both residential and commercial use.

High security locks are locks that are harder to pick and/or drill. In addition, they also offer a restricted keyway of the keys, which makes it harder to duplicate.

Pros and cons of high-security door locks, what they offer, how to choose the right lock and more.

Which high-security lock is the right one for me?

To answer that question you will have first to decide how much money are you willing to invest and your needs.

There many different types of high security locks, for residential and commercial use and they vary in price.

Here are some general things to consider:

First, understand if you only interested in better locks, more durable, more secure or you also need to allow access for many people at a different time of day. While most residential customers will be satisfied with basic locks, business owners probably will have different needs.
In addition, decide if you want to purchase the locks yourself, or buy it from a professional locksmith who would also install the locks.
We would recommend for most customers to buy the locks from a locksmith, who would also do the installation as these locks are more complicated to install.
Moreover, remember that high security locks have a unique keyway. In other words, you will not be able to make copies in a hardware store.
Therefore, it would be wise to have some extra copies while you purchase the locks.