Commercial & Residential Locksmith


Residential Locksmith

For any residential locksmith service, we’ll provide expert help at a fair cost.
Locked out? If you  have locked yourself out, or your key has broke, we have mobile locksmith available for you  24 hours a day.
Rekeying lock – you  keep the old lock, but old key will not work. We take lock apart and record the inside tumblers to match new set of keys.
Lock  repair – we repair broken lock. If the lock is irreparable our mobile locksmith can replace it with new one.
Doorbell Camera installations – See who is at your door, when you are not home. New cameras Installation or replacing your existing one.
MailBox Locks & Keys – if you  locked of you r mail box, we can quickly pick the lock open and will replace the lock. the old keys will not work and you  get set of news keys.

Commercial Locksmith
Commercial buildings are often targeted by crime. Commercial buildings need specially designed hardware for greater resistance against attacks and damage. A-LocksmithBC offers a wide range of products and services, including doorbell camera installations.

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